The British obsession with summer March 07 2014

OK so it is fairly clear that us Brits have drawn the short straw with British summer time and as I type and I looking out of the window and it is pouring down with rain in early March so why am I dedicating a whole section of lovefurnitureuk to garden furniture when surely we don't get much time to appreciate it?

I was in the queue at the post office waiting for four first class stamps (have you seen the price of them nowadays?!) and I overheard two men chatting that it was getting warmer and this weekend has promised to be around 15 degrees. Man one commented that he was going to get the BBQ dusted off and Man two pondered whether it would be acceptable to take his dog walking in shorts?

At this point I realised that us Brits don't need it to be touching 25 degrees to enjoy the summer - any dry and wind free day will suffice! You have to take what you can get with our climate and if that means donning an extra jumper whilst you cremate your burgers then so be it but by george we will do it with a smile on our faces!

So.... by prettying our garden with lovely garden and furniture ornaments, dusting off the BBQ and pruning the shrubbery to perfection we are laughing in the face of miserable weather and going for it! We also know for sure that our neighbours will be out there with the latest rattan garden furniture set sipping a nice cold glass of pinot with a magazine so let's join them and grab the few days given to us because after a hard day at work there is no better feeling that kicking back in the garden to enjoy the last of the summer sun.