A little thought on garden furniture April 26 2014

This is my favourite time of the year - everyone is getting busy giving the garden a once over: painting fences / potting plants / digging new flower beds / revamping ponds!

On top of this I always found selecting garden furniture to be very difficult. I was often left with a few difficult choices - do I go for inexpensive sets? Afterall the weather is usually not that great and we won't get that much use not to mention storing it afterwards! Shall I choose something flat packed and try and put it together myself? I don't really fancy spending the whole day with an alen key in my hand when it could be a glass of wine!

Faced with these dilemmas every single summer I was so excited last year when my husband stumbled across the Port Royal range of rattan furniture! Here is a collection of affordable furniture that promises to be 1: Frost resistant, 2: Fade resistant 3: Hardwearing and 4: Ready assembled. I did my research and checked on the reviews (all good thankfully) before claiming the Cube garden set as my own and I am happy to report this is year two for us and the furniture is exactly where we left is throughoutout winter! All I have to do is take off the covers give it a clean over and sadly make a few spiders homeless and we are all good to go!

When I was thinking about putting garden furniture on the website I knew that the main source would be the Port Royal range simply because I am quite passionate about getting good value for money and I wanted others to have confidence in what I am advertising. Not related to furniture but that is also why we choose not to overpower the site with countless suppliers and too many ranges. We stick to what we know and trust and I think that is clear from our reviews over at Trust Pilot and Review Centre!

Thank you for reading :)