Too early for Christmas talk? July 07 2014

My husband kindly reminded me that the X Factor is due to start over the next coming weeks which he then continued to add means that Christmas is around the corner. Already? We are in July!

This got me thinking though because anyone who watches X Factor will know it really is the run up to Christmas, finishing around a week before the big day.


Could this be why very soon our high street stores will be starting to get the Christmas promotional material up and dust off their Santa hats and NOW That's What I Call Christmas album?


When is too early to star the Christmas countdown? When should lovefurnitureuk start thinking about ideas for stocking fillers or of course those wanting to redecorate their homes ready for the arrival of additional guests?

I am thinking September to October. This will be our first year running at full speed and I want to do something special for every person that has taken the time to visit our little corner of the web whether it is just for ideas or to kit a room out and so I leave this rather bizare post with thoughts in mind on how to spread our own Christmas cheer!


Answers on a postcard....