Is Retro the new Vintage? July 27 2014

I think it is down to the individual as to what would count as a vintage piece of furniture compared to retro piece of furniture. I tend to think of vintage furniture as being pre 1940's to say the Victorian days and the rise and popularity of french painted furniture and shabby chic furniture has helped distinquish that era well along with fashion interior homes designs and clothing.

Retro furniture I see as ranging from 1940's to 1980's and thoughts fill my mind of Nathan furniture and Ercol designs with teak finishes, formica style kitchen tables and general kitschy!

The reason for my pondering is that 15 years ago an interior designer I knew started a portfolio of 'everything retro' and when I pressed him for a reason he told me that it would be the next big thing and that has always stayed with me. Even with the rise of the undeniably popular and stunning vintage french inspired furniture I have always been waiting for his 'premonition' to come true and for the past few years I have noticed he is absolutely right!
I visit furniture trade shows reguarly and just last year I was blown away with fantastic teak tables and thinck plush leather bound chairs with curvy edges. Stunning bedroom furniture designs with spindle head ends and low bedsides. Formica table tops, assorted bright colour dining chairs and shiny black glass TV cabinets.

So, if retro is the new vintage should I start to build on our very own furniture collection here at lovefurnitureuk? Of course I will! Never of course leaving the beautiful feminine vintage furniture alone which I think most will agree is a staple part of our furniture lives now and not just the next passing phase!