Creating that Shabby Chic look August 23 2014

With shabby chic furniture being bang on trend right now, there are two types of people wanting to achieve the look. Those wanting to buy shabby chic furniture and those wanting to create shabby chic furniture.

Our website is filled with lovely goodies to save you the hassle of doing the job yourself and for our extensive range please visit our all collections page. However, if you are looking for a little advice on how to quickly turn a piece of your own unwanted furniture into a shabby chic masterpiece, I have listed some very basic steps designed to give you an idea on what is in store. Please do consider that these points are just that - points and for a more comprehensive idea, youtube is always your best bet!


1 - Prepare your furniture - do so by cleaning with every day mild cleaning fluid such as washing up liquid dilutted with water.

2 - Dry your furniure thoroughly with a cloth that doesn't pull easily.

3 - Lightly sand your furniture making sure to remove any varnish from previous use. This is the important part - if you don't take off the shine and build up of residue, the next steps won't work and your paint won't stick!

4 - Wash your furniture again as in points 1 & 2.

5 - Use a thin, well sturred undercoat and cover the areas you intend to paint. The basics of undercoat I have always found work a treat.

6 - Lightly sand and follow points 1 & 2 again.

7 - You should now have a nice thin undercoat that has been prepped ready for your paint.

8 - The best paint I find is by far Farrow and Ball and they have a fabulous selection for both interior and exterior wood however it can be quite expensive and so a Crown eggshell should work well.

9 - Stir your top coat well and apply over the undercoat. Remember you are going for shabby chic furniture and the name gives it away. Don't get too hung up on brush marks or unevenness this can massively add to the charm!

10 - Once you have allowed this coat to dry - usually anything up to 24 hours decide if you need another coat. Most people choose not to.

11 - Get creative! Depending on the level of shabby chic you want to create choose from various grains of sand paper. To creat a look similar to our shabby chic bookcase choose a coarse grain of sandpaper and lightly go over the corners and edges. By sliding the sand paper over lightly you are able to see what you think before diving straight into it. Continue to your hearts desire and then go down to a finer paper for the surfaces. If you prefer a much more delecate look go straight in with the fine sandpaper.

12 - Once you are happy with your look, lightly wash as with point 1 & 2 and then stand back and admire!


This is a bit of a labour of love but well worth it and I would love to see your finished work so feel free to email me your newly finished shabby chic furniture!


May x