History Of The Bed September 17 2014

We all take the very thing we sleep on every night for granted but the bed frame has come along way over the years! Take a look at the evolution of the bed frame with these few facts!


As many as 10,0000 years ago we began sleeping on 'beds' made of practically any folliage lying around.


3,400BC Egyptians used raised planks to sleep on to keep rats, insects and other pesky vermin away from them. Common folk simply slept on palm leaves stacked as beds.


From the Roman Empire up until the Resistance we slept on beds filled with anything we could find ranging from reeds, straw, feathers and wool. Of course such luxurious materials such as wool and even silk were reserved for only the most powerful!


Cast Iron beds that were now more easily available became the latest 'must have' in beds. This was during the 18th Century and allowed for the possibly the first time for vermin to not be considered the norm in our sleeping parlor!


1865 - The first coil was patented for use in mattresses


It was not until as recent as the 1900's that the bedframes we know today came into common use combining a metal bedframe with mattress and coil springs inside. During this time it also became mainstream to experiment with various styles, materials and functionality and for the first time allowing for fashion to largely dictate our choice.


Of course in the 21st century our choice of style, colour and materials is endless and with 1000's of different bedframes widely available it is often a case of where to start! We have narrowed down the list considerably for you by taking into consideration the best quality, most sought after and design led bedframes we could find! Browse our bedframe selection selection and see for yourself!


Comfortable, supportive mattresses are something most of us take for granted. We don't think about how they've evolved over time. Here's an eye-opening lesson on the bed history from long ago to more modern times. Give your readers something to think about the next time they go to sleep. So lie down and let us tell you a story about the history of the bed.


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