How Was It For You? January 04 2015

Christmas of course!

As I sit typing this on 4th January 2015, the memories of lounging around all day doing nothing watching 'On The Buses' repeats is pretty much a distant dream.

Of course working for yourself you are never truly away from your desk but Christmas 2014 has been a little different.

My intentions were to crack on with some new mirrored furniture products that we have ready to launch and to check the garden furniture section to make sure all ranges are current however like many Brits this year I have totally lacked anything resembling motivation thanks to the dastardly winter bug that showed its ugly face and ruined Christmas for everyone!

In total I have spent four days feeling sorry for myself, not being able to concentrate on anything and now just as I am starting to feel a little more human and ready to fight my way into 2015 I realise time has ran away with me and my few days of opportunity have deserted me.

On the plus side? I have just had a lovely newsletter from our best garden furniture supplier and they have some pretty perfect looking rattan garden furniture sets screaming to be added to lovefurnitureuk!