Deco Alfresco Garden Furniture Is Soaring April 15 2015

When I wrote the initial blog in February I knew the Deco Alfresco garden furniture range was something special but I couldn't foresee just how well it would sell.

In just over a month we have sold more Deco Alfresco garden furniture than any other garden furniture on our website and feedback from customers has been amazing.

We offer either a next day, 3 - 5 day or 21 day specialist service where by we will set up, take packaging away and basically not leave until you are 100% satisfied service and you folks have been singing our praises for doing so.

By far the most popular set is the Deco Alfresco 6 Piece Day Bed Set probably due to the fact it is slightly smaller and appeals to a more compact garden followed by the Deco Alfresco Luxury High Back Corner Sofa Set  with it's own take on the traditional corner sofa set.

Up until end of March we have 15% off which not only makes us the most competitive online but with the personal touch we offer on every order there really is only one place to order your Deco Alfresco garden furniture from!