What colour will you decorate your home with this year? January 27 2016

Homes styles are ever changing, Be it a quick paint up for when the relatives come around or a complete make over. How ever you decide on the colour you like its the actual furniture you have that make the room. Reclaimed furniture has been around for many years, People who were on a tight budget would up-cycle an old cupboard, Or Dad would take the glass out of one piece and add it to another for a completely fresh look. On the other side of the world people who didn't have any money had to use bits of boats to re-cycle, Some driftwood that was left on the beach would become the families eating table, but who ever you were making something of old origins were all the same.

Now days people buy re-claimed furniture from various outlets and put it in rooms as there pride and joy, And what better way to save the planet with something that is easily converted into a modern piece.