Rattan Garden Furniture Buying Guide February 08 2016

This is my favourite time of the year here at lovefurnitureuk because I absolutely love the summer and getting all of our lovely garden furniture sets presentable and ready for their new forever homes.

We receive many questions when it comes to buying garden furniture particularly rattan garden furniture so I thought it might be helpful to give a short and hopefully helpful guide to ensure you not only grab a bargain when it comes to finding the very best quality rattan garden furniture set but that you also get the best value for money.

Start with the frame

A sure sign of a quality frame is the use of an aluminum or steel powder coated frame. It's main advantage is that it does not rust unlike cheaper steel sets. Aluminum is stronger and also very light by nature so that chance of damage moving it around are also greatly reduced.



Synthetic wins my vote

There are two types of 'rattan garden furniture' natural and synthetic. Natural rattan garden sets will usually cost over £3,000 and although do look fantastic are not as durable and hard wearing making synthetic rattan garden furniture sets the better value for money in my opinion.


Modular Designs

The best thing I think about rattan modular garden furniture sets is that they are completely flexible when it comes to visitors, mood and occasion. Take the Deco Alfresco garden furniture or Port Royal garden furniture range for example, with most of their sets they can be used as loungers, dining tables or coffee sets depending on the mood. When can you get that flexibility with furniture?

I always recommend checking and then rechecking the space you have to play with in your garden before committing but remember if you are fortunate enough to be able to hold one of our 8 or 10 seater rattan garden furniture sets you can in most cases separate them into a lounger and diner giving the illusion you have two or even three sets.




Showerproof Covers

It is surprising how many cheaper garden furniture sets use fabric that isn't weather proof causing it to discolour, sag from excessive rain and eventually turn moldy. We will always recommend you bring cushioning inside when not in use say over winter but during summer a simple rainproof cover will work unless we have particularly bad weather. (This is Britain!)

That said, a good quality rattan garden set will have durable cushions on that are soft to touch, thick and comfy as well as being able to withstand the odd rain shower or heaven forbid wine spillage. Be sure to check out the description before committing to cheaper sets.


Overall Thoughts

We only offer luxury affordable garden furniture and we only work with suppliers at the top of their game not only from the point of view of quality products but also after sales support.

For the best value for money we recommend looking for a garden set that offers the most flexibility so that you don't get bored but please do be sure to make the whole buying experience pleasurable and if you have any queries no matter how small we are here to help and more often than not you will speak to someone who has built these sets and really knows their stuff.