Dreaming of my first home July 06 2016


Have you ever been that confused when furniture shopping that your mind just goes blank?

You end up going round to family members and friends homes to get some sort of idea of what to do with your bedroom, and you always think "Well mine won't look like that, everything looks so expensive".

I have had exactly the same problem, When I was younger I was always excited to get my own place, decorate it how I like and make it look just like those American apartments with stylish retro furniture and loads of space.

The reality is somewhat different, You get that confused about what to buy and what look to go for that you buy loads of different things, nervous that it all doesn't match. But while you're doing this you're trying to make sure that what you are buying isn't made out of cork board but isn't so expensive you have to eat 25p noodles for the rest of the month.

I remember how I wanted my first bedroom, white white WHITE FURNITURE! I'm not the tidiest of people (This is in-fact an understatement) but I've always wanted one of those doll house type bedrooms, 4 poster white bed, with a lovely light blue canopy. I basically wanted to be a princess. Hard wood floors with a white wash and pictures of places I have never been before (And probably will never end up going) surrounded by fairy lights. Unfortunately it didn't pan out like that, Mostly because we weren't rich enough to spend a lot of money on frivolous items like that and we lived in a terrace house in North Wales. They aren't the biggest so my whole bedroom would have just been a massive bed... Which sounds amazing but being a messy person, it would not have been ideal.

Instead, I had a metal single bed which, obviously fulfilled a purpose, I had somewhere to sleep! A bit of a problem when friends used to stay over, I never wanted them to sleep on the floor, Always thought it was a bit rude so we did the usual young thing and top and tailed. Problem with that is you always had a foot in your face. Not nice in the slightest!

Anyway, So yeah, When I decided to move out I had all these visions of what I could do. A sunken mattress in the floor, a floating bedframe, a shabby chic vintage bedroom with the biggest headboard you could find!! I think I was more excited about decorating and making it my own than being able to stay out and not have to update my mum on everywhere I went (Not that that was not a plus!). I always wanted somewhere that would make people jealous. Make people think "wow, this bedroom looks so nice, wish I could do this". I've always wanted somewhere that I could be proud of. My mum's house is lovely though, really homely and comforting. That might be just because it was my mums and knowing she had put all her efforts into raising me and my sister just made her amazing, which obviously made our family home somewhere you can escape. Like a little den.

Home comforts are a must in any home anyway, Like your favourite part of the sofa or your most comfortable bed sheets. When they first get washed and it is one of the most amazing sleeps you'll have, especially when its cold and raining outside and you get into your warm bed and forget about the world.

Thankfully, while getting a bit older you appreciate the better things in life, You start earning more money and you are in control of your life (or so I am told). This is where the fun begins. Making yourself a home that your family and friends can enjoy spending time in because that's the only reason we do it right? Not only to be proud of what we have achieved but to also show everyone how well we are doing. Like your own little mansion with fabulous furniture in every room. Everyone deserves that moment where someone walks into their home and thinks "Wow, they are doing really well for themselves, This place is lovely".

Written by Brittany Bevan