In The Spotlight - Shiro Walnut Furniture April 24 2017

The Shiro Walnut Furniture collection consists of no less than 24 unique pieces of fully assembled furniture.

As we inspect all items before despatch we always get the opportunity to see first hand what we are sending to our customers which allows us a very unique opportunity to review a range from our own perspective.

My thoughts on the Shiro Walnut furniture range are:


Heavy - I looked at the Shiro Walnut Low TV Cabinet and the Shiro large sideboard and had trouble to move it on my own. If you want something substantial - this is the range and it will take a great deal of weight in terms of taking most TV's and entertainment consoles. The Shiro range is made from solid walnut which explains the sturdiness and weight. There aren't any additional cheaper woods added to make cut back on the costs and you can really tell from the way it is put together.




Rich colouring - I love the overall finish of the Shiro walnut range and the rich deep colouring against the distinct grain works beautifully. I ran my hand over the top and it is sealed with a clear satin lacquer creating a really nice consistency. The colour itself is true to what a walnut finish is in my mind too.


Dovetail joints - What I love about all Baumhaus furniture is that they design each piece with dovetail joints which basically means each piece of wood is connected to the next like a jigsaw and without the need for nails. This is also quite a traditional, labour intensive process and many furniture suppliers simply skip this process altogether now for faster more cost effective methods. The results however are clear with a good dovetail joint and for me offers the attention to detail I would want for furniture in my own home. You ultimately want to buy something you know will last.


Exceptional packaging - Only heavy duty packaging is used by Baumhaus furniture in general is it is reassuring to know that your furniture isn't going to suffer with any dings with even the most careful driver


Personal thoughts - To sum up the Shiro furniture range, what you are getting is something visually stunning. It's not going to be 'just another piece of furniture' but instead a statement piece that will shine in any surrounding. Teamed with cream satin painted walls and oversized accessories is how I would personally arrange it and I think you only need two or three pieces to create the look and add warmth.