New Year's Resolution For Your Home January 07 2017

Setting New Year's resolutions are always a tricky one. Do we promise to lose weight? increase our fitness? Change career paths?

But what about your home? New Year the perfect time to reflect on the home and how we can make subtle improvements into 2017.

1 - De-clutter

We have all heard of spring cleaning but it is more than likely a fact that we bring more into our home that we throw out. Cupboards bursting with kids paintings over the years? Old DVD's we will never watch again? Wardrobes bursting with clothes we are sure will come back in fashion one day? Most of us are guilty of at least one of these things! As the saying goes though a clear home is a clear mind.

An overcrowded home can leave you with very little inspiration and unable to see the wood through the trees so to speak and what better way to start 2017 than to get rid of anything you haven't used or worn in over 12 months and donate it to one of the million charities who your unwanted furniture, clothes and nick nacks could really make a difference to.

2 - Freshen up the walls

For the price of a tin of paint you could go from a dull room that has been decorated to the same for the last ten years to a fresh, clean feel. Inspiring palettes of grey are a fantastic way to breathe newness into your home and in one afternoon a new feature wall could make all the difference and really help you to enjoy your home again. We personally like  darker wall teamed with three lighter shades.


3 - Don't try and do everything at once

The trouble with New Year's resolutions in general are that we have a tendency to try and change everything overnight.

Choose one room or one new piece of furniture to start with and build on from there. Why not try a new shoe cupboard in the hall? Not only with this instantly de-clutter but will make for a lovely feature piece in what can be a difficult space within your home to make a difference.

4 - Reward yourself

With new paint on the wall and a nice space saving piece of furniture in place why not take a breather and reward yourself with a nice pair of shoes to go in it? There are studies out there that have proven by giving yourself little rewards for each achievement we feel a sense of accomplishment and it gives us that spirit to go on and make more changes for the better!

We hope you have found some of these short tips useful and whatever your New Years resolutions are good luck!