My Perfect Hideaway - Creating that old school library feel August 11 2016

It's funny how you can get one idea at a very early age that stays with you into adulthood and no matter how often your taste in furniture and home decor changes that one idea doesn't.

I love to read. It doesn't matter what so much even though I do have a penchant for true crime. I also love to learn. Whether it is a new language or simple a new subject matter that has interested me of late.

What combines these two passions for me is the atmosphere or surroundings of where I read or learn.

Growing up and sharing a home with squabbling siblings there wasn't often a place to call your own to just get away from things.

Call it an office, a study, a library or even a snug, growing up and seeing all these great influences including My Fair Lady and High Society as below you can start to see the deep bookcases filled with classic titles and leather top mahogany desks that I had in mind.


The smell of an old book is like no other and I doubt any electronic device that can hold 100's of books will ever replace the feel of picking one up a good story and sinking into a deep high back fireside chair with your feet up and a good cuppa to hand.

Nowadays I doubt many people will share the same view instead opting for minimal 'clutter' instead choosing a bookcase filled with precious memories and multi functional chairs that are both luxurious and fashion lead but that of course is the beauty of individuality.

Whatever your style choice one thing agreeable surely is the representation of value for money and something that is 'built to last'.

As well as as the fantastic desks, chairs and storage solutions we have available at we also hand make furniture to your specific style and size which I hope you will agree is perfect for working with the space you have.

As for my ideal library - at the moment it is a dream but one day for sure.