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Working from home is everyone's dream job, but sometimes it's not all that. Sitting in a room with just you and your computer can be a bit pain staking. Here at Love Furniture UK we have been there so this is where we feel we can give the best advice and help.

Office furniture can come in all forms, Painted furniture, solid wooden furniture and reclaimed furniture. If you want something a little more subtle then check out our hidden home office, These are ideal if you just want to hide everything away at the end of the day. The desk is probably the item that you will spend the most time at, to go with that you also need a nice office chair, check out our range all have been tried and tested and very comfortable.

Storage can be an issue, files and the like take up a lot of space. Why not try one of the Cadence Cream Bookcases if you like painted furniture. The Heyford Rough Sawn Solid Wood collection is ideal if you like things of substance. To keep things ultra modern why not have a look at the reclaimed furniture, these are made from wood that's been used in a previous life and just up-cycled to do our bit for the environment. For the industrial age look why not check out our Roadie Chic Collection, this has large wheels on the bottom and aluminium corners to give the factory feel. We have tried to co-ordinate filing cabinets to go with the various ranges to give a uniform feeling to your office space.

Whatever you choose you won't be disappointed, this selection was chosen by us here at Love Furniture UK because we know what it's like to be in a room for long hours. Anything that can be done just to keep the room cheerful is great.

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