Living Room

Described as a living room and that's exactly what it is, a place for living. We all know what entails a great living room sofa, chairs, coffee tables, TV unit and sideboard. With this in mind then let me detail what we here at Love Furniture have tried to do.

Firstly seating, Take a look at our Sofa's and suite's, There is all styles from the Aceline Collection up to the Dorchester Collection, All upholstered in plush fabric and will swallow you up in comfort. The chair's come in all materials including leather which is a hard wearing natural covering.

How about a nice footstool for your feet - No problem, Try the Cabriole legged footstool, A modern take on an old design.With many more to choose from just take your pick.

What about somewhere to put a mug of tea on or a glass of your favourite wine, then that's what the coffee table is for. Here we have Mirrored, Painted, and Solid Wood. Then you have the ultra modern Urban style tables, all made with a heavy style and raw feel.

The TV Cabinet is where everyone will look as it's the focal point, so why not show of and pick a Reclaimed TV Cabinet, these are sure to give a very industrial feel to the room. Mirrored glass is not the choice of some but in a smaller room this can be quite advantageous, Take a look at the Argente Range for this.

After going through all this there are then the practical pieces, the one's which you have to have for storage but are not in the main eye. If you want a complete living space of the same items then try the Roadie Chic Range but there are many stand alone items in painted furniture and solid wood along with the metal and glass combinations, all of which are perfect in there own right but its all down to choice. 

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