About Us

lovefurnitureuk was born out of the idea that not every online furniture shopping experience should be the same because not every customer is the same.

That's where at lovefurnitureuk we put 100% heart and effort into every order and only make promises we know we can keep.

Located just inside the picturesque city walls of Chester, lovefurnitureuk consists of our traditional store front (currently closed and under renovation) for those wishing to visit us in person as well as our continually growing website, eBay and Amazon store.

At lovefurnitureuk we promise to offer you:

  • A wide range of furniture to choose from to suit all budgets, styles and functionality - but not too much product to make things cluttered!
  • Prices that we feel are fair and not overstated with real RRP's that can be verified and real sale periods with genuine bargains to be had!
  • An opportunity to call us and chat in person should you want to ask any questions be it day or night or weekends. In fact we encourage it - our product knowledge is exceptional!
  • The use of our own delivery service undertaken by our own team that will include weekends and evenings where possible. Click here for more info!
  • The very best aftercare service we are capable of providing (and we set our standards high!)

More than anything we want you to enjoy your time viewing our furniture and visiting lovefurnitureuk and to come away with a positive experience and for that reason alone we value your feedback whether you are just browsing or have placed an order, so don't be shy!

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